A power drill is the only tool you will need. All other required tools, fittings, and hardware are provided in your kit.

Yes. It is critical to completely clean out your sump of all existing swarf. Failure to clean the sump can result in clogging of the Sump Filter Screen, causing it to overflow swarf through the overflow slots on the Filter Screen back into the sump.

It is not necessary, but is highly recommended. The included pump can transfer up to 32 gallons per minute. Removing the factory tunnel allows coolant to flow to the pump more easily, avoiding cavitation.

No, the pump comes pre-wired to plug into the back of your HAAS machine.

Our pumps come from the factory with a sticker covering the wet end for protection. Check to see if this sticker has been removed. Although rare, it is possible the wiring in the pump is backwards causing the pump to spin in the wrong direction. If this is the case, the wiring will need to be adjusted.

Yes. It is necessary to use the provided bulkheads. Running the hose through the cut holes will cause chafing of the hose and will eventually cause the hose to fail.

Yes. It is critical to monitor your coolant concentricity. Excessive foam will cause the Sump Filter Screen to overflow coolant and swarf through the overflow slots into the sump.

Refer to our machine compatibility chart to see which configuration is right for your machine. Some machines will require a custom system. Please call or email for a quote.

You will need at least two inches of clearance from the bottom of the coolant exit shoot and the top of the sump to use the Standard High Capacity and one inch of clearance for the Low Profile.

This are the overflow slots. The purpose of these slots is to allow for coolant to overflow into the sump, instead of the floor. With proper maintenance and regular clearing of swarf from the Sump Screen Filter, these should not be needed.

Failure to properly clean the Sump Filter Screen will cause the screen to clog, allowing coolant and swarf to pour though the overflow slots into the sump.

Machines that have a CDF Conveyor put out more coolant and require a higher flowing screen. The High Capacity, High Flow Sump Filters Screens allow for a higher rate of flow. Refer to our machine compatibility chart to see which configuration is right for your machine.