AIO (All-In-One) Conveyor & Filtration System


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The Swarf Unlimited All-In-One Conveyor is the ultimate solution to your CNC machine swarf removal needs! This powerful conveyor is equipped with advanced features that ensure a clean and efficient production process.

The All-In-One Conveyor comes with a washdown system that effectively removes swarf and debris from your CNC machine. With this feature, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manually cleaning your machine, which can be time-consuming and messy. The washdown system ensures that your CNC machine stays clean and free from unwanted swarf, allowing you to focus on your production goals.

Another great feature of the All-In-One Conveyor is its scraper conveyor, which efficiently evacuates swarf while minimizing coolant runoff. This conveyor is designed to handle large volumes of chips and debris, ensuring that your sumps and machine stay clean and operational. With this scraper conveyor, you can easily manage the disposal of your swarf, reducing the risk of machine damage and downtime.

To further enhance its cleaning capabilities, the All-In-One Conveyor also comes with a drum filter that keeps your machine sump clean. This filter effectively removes particles from your coolant, ensuring that your CNC machine stays in top condition. With this feature, you can prolong the life of your machine and avoid costly repairs and maintenance and eleminating the need to clean your sump again.

The All-In-One Conveyor is a powerful and efficient chip conveyor that offers advanced cleaning features to keep your CNC machine running smoothly. With its washdown system, scraper conveyor, and drum filter, you can be sure that your production process is always clean and optimized. Invest in the All-In-One Conveyor today and experience the benefits of a clean and efficient production process!

Standard Configuration:

  • Scraper type conveyor
  • Standalone PLC controlled
  • 110vac 750w wall plug or Haas aux outlet
  • Auto coolant level control
  • Built in 2.5cu.ft./min mechanical foam breaker
  • 5 port fully adjustable coolant manifold
  • Two aux washdown nozzle manifolds
  • One machine casting flush out manifold
  • 150-micron self-backwashing high flow drum filter
  • Backwash prefilter
  • Oil/Grease condenser (Skimmer Ready)
  • Status light with audible alarm
  • Pre wired to connect to Haas E-stop
  • High flow ultra quiet coolant pump with stainless steel wet end


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