Excellent purchase for any Haas

I’ve been using my Haas VF-2SS to make thousands of small parts, and only make fine chips that wash through to the sump instead of going up the chip chute. Every 1-2 hours, the OEM filter tray would get backed-up and start overflowing and the mesh would have to be cleaned or paper filter replace. With this sump filter from Swarf Unlimited, I’m able to go a full day of production without having to touch it, and it’s a 30 second cleanup with a chip/coolant vac like the Freddy without having to stop the machine. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and it solved a many-year problem I never thought could be fixed. Thank you!

Biller Sump Filter
CJ Abraham
April 19, 2023

Swarf system on our DS30Y

We have been using the Swarf screen now for 90 days or more and couldn’t be happier.

Our coolant tank stays clean, keeping capacity up. It also does an outstanding job helping to keep our through coolant tools from plugging up.

I highly recommend this product and will adding more in the near future.

Jake Kunsky
April 11, 2023

Great Value!

The Sump Filters are already saving us thousands of dollars for each of our Haas machines as we do not have the same downtime to clean the chips out of our sumps. We could not be happier!

January 10, 2023